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I provide many services ranging from ordinary personal technical assistance to more complex business services for sole proprietorship and small businesses. Depending on the individual’s level of experience and interest in learning to do for themselves, I may simply teach them to do the work and oversee it. This way they don’t require any hand-holding or ongoing assistance. Others will prefer for the work to be done and don’t care how it is done, but only that it is “done right”. Either way, I can accommodate most needs upon request.

If you have a technical problem that needs solving, or simply need to be put in the right direction, you may contact me for guidance or assistance. I only ask that you be respectful and mindful of my time, and I will gladly assist you with your troubles to the best of my ability. If I’m unable to assist you I will let you know as soon as I’m confident of that. Some problems will require a diagnostic, and the decision to do so will be based on the description of the problem. The diagnostic may be carried out over the phone, through a remote connection to your computer, or in-person. It all depends on my understanding of the problem, so please be as specific as possible when detailing your issue to me.

Basic Services

Be aware that your problem may be the first of its kind I encounter, but it will not likely be very different from other problems I’ve encountered that it can’t be resolved or concluded as being un-resolvable or not worth the cost of resolving to you. Here is an incomplete list of technical problems I can deal with:

  • Windows PC Issues
    • Hardware (physical components of the computer)
    • Software (applications, programs, things you can observe on the screen when using the computer)
  • Macintosh Issues
    • Hardware (very small scope of issues can be directly resolved due to design limitations)
    • Software (most issues can be resolved)
  • Website Issues
    • Initial setup process of new website (what to buy, which services to use, technical support)
    • Analytics (tracking of website visitors)
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization: increasing the chances of gaining more visitors to your website)
    • Page Speed Optimization (configuring your website to load more quickly and improve the user’s experience)
    • Security (protecting your website from being taken over, hacked, or otherwise changed by an outsider)
    • Backups (making copies of the website information that can be restored quickly and relatively easily in case of catastrophe)